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Beach Now and Benefit

"As early as the 18th century doctors use to prescribe trips to the ocean"  according to Lora Fleming of the University of Exeter in England. Check out more info at LifeHack article by Rebbca Beris   So next time you see it is a nice sunny day outside, why not take a trip to the beach? You will be doing yourself and your body a world of good.    

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Venice Flower Fest: A Taste of Venice

Let us set up your ultimate beach day then head over to Main and Rose for Venice Flower Fest: A Taste of Venice on Saturday, June 9th! Venice has it all. World-renowned restaurants, kick-ass live music and incredible art in abundance. They all culminate to create an undeniably unique atmosphere. People are drawn from all over the world, seeking to revel in the Venice Vibe. Now you can experience it all in one place, at FlowerFest: A Taste of Venice. Hosted by Venice Chamber of Commerce + Cosmic Haze, FlowerFest will take place on longtime local favorite, Rose Avenue between Main and 4th Avenue , Venice. More than 20 world-renowned restaurants, such as The Butchers Daughter,The Tasting KitchenandRose Cafe will be serving up artisan offerings...

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