Our Mission

To bring comfort and ease to your beach days so you can savor the sun, sand, and create memories with the ones you love. At Beach Now, we believe everyone deserves a touch of luxury at the beach. 

Our Story

It all started in 2015, with one woman's passion for the beach and creating extraordinary experiences. After a perfect beach day was interrupted by a rumbling stomach, Alexandria Yalj envisioned a service that allows you to spend more time on the sand without distractions or hassle. This vision launched Beach Now, the first beach concierge service. Born in Venice Beach serving Southern California. 

Alexandria's diverse background as a performance artist, surfer, and lifeguard gives her a unique perspective that infuses every detail of Beach Now with precision and artistry. Her deep understanding of the ocean and commitment to creating memorable experiences ensures you can trust our expertise to handle the little details. 

Beach Now’s team of dedicated concierges strives to ensure your day unfolds seamlessly, from the moment you book until it's time to depart the beach. We carefully select locations ideal for your day, considering everything from tides to parking to food recommendations and much much more. 

Let us craft your perfect beach day. We can't wait to see you on the sand!