30 Days of Rest

In partnership with Ingrid Clay and Alexandria Yalj, founder of Beach Now, we’re kicking off 30 Days of Rest. This offering recognizes rest as a form of resistance and its importance in the revolution.

We’re gifting 30 free beach days to those fighting for change who need a space to rest. We support the critical work taking place, and want to offer access to amenities along our Southern California coast as a resource for mental health.

Science says the surf and sand does the mind (and body) good. Here’s how to reap the benefits of all that 'vitamin sea.

The better we take care of ourselves and each other, the stronger we’ll be as we continue to foster change. Give yourself the permission to pause as part of the pursuit for racial justice.

We're asking you for nominations of Black people working for change, or those advocating for the Black community, who’d benefit from a day of rest. They may be an organizer, a parent, a healthcare worker, a teacher, an artist, or a friend. If we’re going to make meaningful changes, it will take all of us.

Black Lives Matter. Change can be hard fought, and we’re committed to this cause. Rest is vital to making this a movement, not just a moment.

As we move through the heaviness of this new normal we must not forget to focus inward. I know personally I have been feeling heavy, sad, angry, hopeful, hopeless and many more. With every feeling, the body feels immensely. It feels it Like it’s happening over and over again, every fearful Thought the body feels, the heart aches. It’s important now more than ever to recharge, stop and just be . To be the change to continue to fight we have to be whole.

One place I feel free is the ocean. The sunrise: being the first human to see the sun peek over the waves. durning the day: meditating while listening to the the waves crash in and watching the sunlight dancing on the waves. or at sunset: looking on in appreciation as the glow from the sun disappears. Whatever time of day makes your soul rejoice thats what I want for you.

In conjunction with BEACH NOW we want to give you a few moments to Inhale Love, Exhale FEAR.

With love and gratitude

Ingrid S Clay

"There is no Ending to what we are Becoming”